More is Caught than Taught

You’ve heard the old adage “more is caught than taught.” This is not only true in teaching children how to manage money and communicate effectively, but it is the overarching truth in how they view God. Children may be tiny in stature, but they are large in perception. Adults tend to underestimate the capacity of children to reason. In terms of spiritual growth, this is a big mistake and can lead to eternal consequences. Too heavy? It is heavy because it is real. I truly believe no matter what yesterday looked like His mercies are new every morning, and you have an opportunity to be a new creation today.

More is Caught than Taught

Like it or not, when you claim the name of Christ you are sending a message to those around you about what that means and who He is. You are a missionary, and you are a witness. What that looks like is entirely up to you. Are you being “transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Romans 12:2) , or are you conforming to the image of the world? We are either walking in the Spirit or walking in the flesh. If you claim the name of Christ, align yourself with Him and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you. He is faithful in all things and will prove Himself time and again.

When it comes to your children, you desire them to become honest people of noble character. The reality is, more often than not, the apple does not fall far from the tree. Why? Let us say it again: more is caught than taught. Repeat those words often to let them seep into your soul. And while you are expecting truth from your littles, make every effort that they are seeing truth in you! Proverbs 18:21 says death and life are in the power of the tongue. Wow! Death and life. Mean what you say and say what you mean. You cannot expect to raise honest children and have them to walk with integrity if you are not willing to do the same.

God created your children and gave you the amazing privilege of raising them. Will you make mistakes? Of course. Will life be messy? Absolutely. Until we get to Glory things will not be perfect here. But, here is the really incredible thing: you can show your children glimpses of heaven and teach them what it means when you say you are a Christian. If you are a Christ follower, your lifestyle will have purpose and your days will be marked by a desire to know and do His will. And, when your final day here is done and God calls you Home, your children will know with certainty you sincerely believed in Jesus and it was more than a label and He was your life. On that day they will surely rise up and call you blessed.



Gabbie Nolen

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