Raising Boys To Be Boys

Raising Boys to be Boys

Boys have a purpose but they need someone to tell them what that is. Raising Boys To Be Boys helps guide parents on how to bless their boys with purpose and adventure. Replay the lesson audio below. (If you experience an issue playing the audio in your web browser, please click on the “Download” link […]

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Boys Should Be Boys

Our modern world has brought us many wonderful things that were not imagined by previous generations. Wifi, for example—I love me some of that Wifi. GPS/Google Maps is amazing—remember trying to fold up those impossible paper maps? Perhaps the best of them all are Little Debbie Swiss Rolls. Eat one of those frozen and your […]

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The Modesty of Summer

The waves crashing, the children building sandcastles, the aloe ready to relieve the sting. All things making summer tangible. I love this time of year. I love the excitement of road trips leading to the ocean and Fourth of July parades followed by brilliant displays of color in the sky. I love camping and cookouts and every […]

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