Straight Talk: Crisis of Faith

Straight Talk Crisis of Faith

A crisis is occurring in younger generations as children who grew up in churches turn away from their faith as adults. Kids may have the book knowledge required to navigate church today, but do they have the heart for Christ that will carry them through the challenges life will bring? Do you worry your own […]

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Straight Talk: Eric Metaxas Interview

Eric Metaxas Interview by Chuck Swindoll

We have a unique opportunity to listen in on an interview between two friends, Pastor Chuck Swindoll and bestselling author Eric Metaxas, as they discuss Eric’s new book Martin Luther: The Man Who Rediscovered God and Changed the World. Replay the video: Copyright ©2017 by Charles R. Swindoll, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide. Why is this a […]

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Straight Talk: A Look At Developing A Championship Athlete

A Look At Developing A Championship Athlete

This unique three-part series (click here for part one) is about how to take your Christian view and values and apply them to your child’s involvement in sports. Whether at the level of recreation youth sports, club youth sports, or school sports, all parents are faced with the challenge of making the right investment of time […]

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Straight Talk: Navigating Today’s Technology Well

Today's Technology

Have you wondered if the Bible has anything to offer in helping parents navigate today’s technological world? How do we keep our kids safe from what might harm them while also teaching them to use technology responsibly? How do we model a healthy balance between use of technology and awareness of the dangers? If you […]

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