Podcast: Back to the BASEX: Beyond the Birds and Bees

Debby WadeThe world is full of messages that depict sex as fun, enticing, and powerful. Our children are growing up in a world where sex of any type is celebrated and even embraced. Without even trying, our children are being barraged with sexual messages that devalue and degrade them. At the same time, the Christian church has been silent on this topic. Our preteens and teens have been taught “just don’t do it” or “modest is hottest” or “true love waits.” We have unconsciously developed a whole generation of Christians who are uncomfortable talking about sex and are held in bondage of sexual sin because of fear. Back to the BASEX is a fun, informative, and interactive program written by guest speaker Debby Wade, a licensed professional counselor.

*NOTES: Click here to download the session notes.

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*Used with permission from Debby Wade

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