Children’s Ministries at SCC–More than a bunch of stuff.

Dave Carl, Children's Pastor: Married to Cathy for 29 happy years. Three kids ages 19, 18 and 10. Loves to spend time in his woodshop making saw dust and some furniture.
Dave Carl, Children’s Pastor:


By Dave Carl, Children’s Pastor at Stonebriar Community Church. 

 We have a bunch of stuff going on here at Stonebriar Church all the time, but I want you to know right off the top – it’s not just to keep everyone busy. Our goal here can be summed up very briefly, “We want to inspire kids toward three things concerning God – we want kids to “Know Him”, to “Love Him,” and then the only reasonable thing to do after that is to “Serve Him.”

 To teach kids to Know God has always been the purpose of Sunday school, but that is not enough. God told the nation of Israel through Moses that we are to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your strength.” So it is our goal to teach the kids to Love God. Now the best way to do that is to have people around our kids who Love God themselves. We do that here, but there is a secret weapon to help this happen. The most powerful person in the spiritual life of your child – in fact the person with nearly superpowers to guide your child toward God is – you – the parent. If YOU really love God and live out your faith and your struggles of faith so that your kids can see – your kids are going to follow along and grow in faith and Love for God right along with you.

So we have a bunch of stuff here to help you, the parent, learn how to be that good example of an imperfect but growing follower of Christ. Then the most natural thing in the world and, in fact, the thing that will turbo charge your love for God and your faith is to get out there and take some risks by serving God and others. We have a bunch of opportunities for that too.

 So click here to see “A Bunch of Stuff” –all that is very purposeful, and it is our actual prayer that it will assist you and your family to Know Him – Love Him – and Serve Him.

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