Drugs and Alcohol? Not My Child!


Do you know what it’s like today for kids out in the real world? It’s different than when we were young. Your child WILL have a friend who smokes pot regularly, your kid WILL be offered free drugs and alcohol, and many of OUR kids will experiment. It is human nature to push off stuff that’s not perceived as a threat today, but drugs and alcohol are as common in our community as oxygen and they will touch your life…you need to get ready for it.

In the “Drugs and Alcohol-Not my Child” audio, you’ll hear what drugs are popular in North Dallas, how they’re being used, and what they are doing to our kids. You’ll learn the warning signs of a child at risk, the behaviors to look for in a child who is using, and you’ll be surprised hear how early in life the threat begins (sooner than you think).

Michael Wall – Carrollton Police Department
Maeve O’Neil – LCDC, in private practice in Prosper
Roundtable – Families who had traveled this road

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