Honor Thy Father

Honor thy FatherFather’s Day was such a special day this year. To celebrate my husband, my boys and I gave him a brand new trash can. It was a taxing decision choosing between Rubbermaid and Toter, but I feel confident in our final selection of the Toter. Nothing says “honor thy father” more than a huge piece of plastic with wheels—am I right? In all seriousness, this is what my husband requested for his Father’s Day gift. Of course, the boys and I also made a little something else because I am a sentimental gal who loves a good old tug on the heartstrings. And would you believe he said it was the greatest gift he had ever received? No matter what tangible item my husband receives, his “love language” is not receiving gifts. But this year, we knocked one out of the park with matching baseball shirts. I put our last name and player numbers on the back of each shirt so they would look alike and represent our family team. How great is that?

I know Hallmark and Home Depot make quite a few extra dollars when certain holidays roll around, but when all is said and done, we are called to honor our fathers every day of the year. God created men and women beautifully different, and for that I am grateful. Being a mom of two boys, however, I have become increasingly aware of how degraded men are. It saddens me that the image of a strong, noble leader has been watered down to that of a cartoon character incapable of putting one foot in front of the other. As a mother, I want to make certain my children see a mother (and father) model respect, honor, and joy toward how God created the other parent at all times. I recognize not every man is of upstanding character, and I know not every child has a father figure worthy of the title, but it is pivotal we honor those who do their very best to provide for and nurture the children God has given them. To be a father is a high calling, and men need to know they are seen, appreciated, and loved every day of the year.

As for me, I am a conservative Christian woman. I am not the quiet type, and to say “I’m passionate” is probably an understatement. Prior to having children, I produced Christian radio—and before that, I was a copywriter for secular, political talk radio. I share this because I am a strong woman and my sin nature desires to be in control. I know if I am not allowing the Holy Spirit to have complete reign over me, I can quickly become hard-headed and forget to honor my husband as the leader of our home. I highly doubt I am the only female who has a voice, shares her thoughts with great conviction, and struggles to allow her husband to truly lead at all times. You know what? Satan relishes when men and women are at odds with one another, and he loves creating a chasm between husbands, wives, and their roles in the family unit. Do not ever discount the spiritual battle taking place that wreaks havoc on the home. Men are given a sad reputation in society, and the Christian woman has the incredible opportunity to build up and edify her spouse. When you honor your husband, you are honoring God, who created Him. And God does not make mistakes. He is a “father to the fatherless” and provides unfailing, unending, and undeserving love to all who call on His name. Because of Him, all of us, regardless of our family of origin, can know what it means to honor thy father.

Grateful for Jesus,


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