Mom’s Testimony of Faith and Trust

In our podcast this week, Pastor Dave Carl talks with Linda Wylie, Pastoral Leader of Student Ministries, and Chrissy Smith, Pastoral Leader of Stonebriar Women, about the transitions women face along life’s journey and how so often our identify gets lost along the way.

Changes and transitions occur throughout our life cycle, whether it is from childhood to puberty, junior high to high school, single to married, career to motherhood, or stay-at-home mom to empty nest. With each change, there is a natural evaluation of who you are, how you fit, what your role is. Comparisons with those around us, and our own expectations, start at a very early age, and what I thought about myself no longer applies. Our ability to trust in Christ and navigate these changes has a huge effect on our children. One of the biggest challenges is allowing your children to grow, stretch their wings, and find their own independence and their own faith that is separate from yours. No one tells you when you bring this baby home from the hospital that someday if you have done your job well, they will leave your nest with strength and courage.

I was completely unprepared for the pain I would feel as my children grew and I allowed them to step away. But with wise counsel, I realized that by trusting God’s plan for them, I was showing them a testimony of my faith. ~ Linda Wylie

I can teach my children about God, but they will only learn the debt of my relationship with Him in the way I treat them. ~ Chrissy Smith

It’s an interesting discussion and one we encourage your to join us in… Are you holding tight to your children because you don’t trust God to care for them?

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