My Child Trusted Christ . . . Now What?

Kristi McElheney, Ministry Leader of Elementary: Married to Walter for 23 years. Has three children: Ryan (21 years), Wesley (18 years), and Becka (16 years). Loves hanging out with her husband and kids, loves music, and loves Coca Cola and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!


Susie, a first grader, was so excited because her friend Joanie invited her to attend Vacation Bible School with her. At Vacation Bible School, Susie learned that she was a sinner, and that Jesus loved her, and that He forgave her and even died for her. She listened and understood that Jesus would be her Savior if she trusted in Him. So she did! Susie went home to tell her mom and dad her good news. They were so excited for her. But along with their excitement came the realization that they now needed to help her grow in her new relationship with Jesus. They were very intimidated by that reality.

Maybe you, as a parent, have the same concern. Maybe you don’t feel adequately equipped to help your child grow in Christ. Parents and grandparents need to find opportunities daily to bring God into conversations. They don’t have to be theologically complicated or lengthy. For example: Just reminding your child that God made a rainbow when you see one is spiritual training. They can also learn just by watching you. If you are in His word every morning, they will learn how important that is. These little things will help them see that God is not just a Sunday God, He should be and wants to be a part of everything we do!  Children’s Ministries at Stonebriar strives to equip parents with the tools and training they need to lead the spiritual training of their children at home. If you’d like materials, simply contact us.

Contact us if your child has trusted Christ and would like to know more, or if your child is ready to take a step of obedience through baptism. Click here to learn about the periodic classes that will help your child understand what it means to be a New Believer and what it means to be baptized.

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