Parenting Pathway Podcast: Living with Autism

Parenting Pathway Podcast with Family Ministry Pastor Dave Carl, Pastoral Leader of GIFT
(special needs ministry) Meaghan Wall, and special guest Julie Hornok, author,
gifted speaker, and founder of non-profit United in Autism


Parenting Pathway PodcastWe recently invited Julie Hornok, a friend of our church’s special needs ministry, to sit with us and talk about her new book and the ministry she leads for parents of kids with autism. Julie shares her personal journey of watching her daughter Lizzie slip away from world at about 9 months, and the crushing weight of an autism diagnosis.  Julie talks about investing all her energy into finding therapy solutions and programs that would help Lizzie find independence and happiness, and become a productive member of our world. As Lizzie made progress, Julie felt the need to advocate for families of autism.

Her book, United in Autism: Finding Strength Inside the Spectrum, brings together thirty inspiring and heartfelt stories from parents raising children from all places on the spectrum and from all corners of the world. These mothers and fathers have experienced some of the worst of what this disorder can do, but in seeking help, they found it…and more. Now they pay it forward by sharing their accounts and giving back to the autism community. United in Autism: Finding Strength Inside the Spectrum (foreword written by Dr. Temple Grandin) offers understanding, comfort, and hope as well as global allies and strength to those who feel alone.

This was such a powerful conversation. We encourage you to listen and share the encouraging message of United in Autism.

You can learn more about the book and follow Julie on social media though her website:

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