Parenting Pathway Podcast Part 2-Raising Boys to be Christian Men

In Part 2 of our Parenting Pathway Podcast: Raising Boys to be Christian Men,  Family Ministry Pastor Dave Carl continues his conversation with Associate Pastors Nathan Kocurek and David Ake about raising boys to be men in a culture where boys are seldom taught about manhood. Using John Eldredge’s book The Way of the Wild Heart, A Map for the Masculine Journey as their guide, these men share their own stories of absent fathers and missed life lessons.

A step further on the journey of raising their own children, these men discuss the complex issues of raising a son who is “beloved” and share its meaning. Jumping off Eldredge’s guide, they look at how a dad can be present in his son’s life and point him to a heavenly Father. It’s important for fathers to spend time engaged with their sons, whether it is spending time alone in the woods around a campfire (hard to do in the Dallas Metroplex) or staring down a plate of barbecue. There are two very critical messages sons need to learn from their fathers: “You are loved more than you can possibly imagine, and you are not the center of the universe.” (The Way of the Wild Heart, page 71)

Join the conversation and find out what it means to be a man in God’s eyes.

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