Parenting Pathway Podcast Part 3 – Raising Boys to Be Christian Men

In part three of our Parenting Pathway Podcast: Raising Boys to be Christian Men,  Family Ministry Pastor Dave Carl continues his conversation with Associate Pastors Nathan Kocurek and David Ake about raising boys to be men in a culture where boys are seldom taught about manhood, using John Eldredge’s book The Way of the Wild Heart, A Map for the Masculine Journey as their guide.

In this final episode, they discuss the progression of boys becoming men. What does that process look like? What are the gates to progress through? And the ultimate question: How does a boy know when he has become a man? While there is no single answer to these questions, there are milestones, adventures, and feats of strength that fathers can lead sons through to help them know they are men. The question boys may ask is, “Do I have what it takes?” and a father’s role is to make sure they can say YES!

Join the conversation and find ideas to lead your son to that YES!

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