Parenting Pathway Podcast – Vol 2.2 It’s All About Relationships

Parenting Pathway Podcast Volume 2.2 – Pastor Dave Carl leads a discussion about raising children in a modern world and the complexities of building relationships.


In part two of our Parenting Pathway Podcast series Raising Children in a Modern World, Family Ministry Pastor Dave Carl has a conversation with Linda Wylie, Ministry Leader of High School Ministries, and Chrissy Smith, Pastoral Leader of Stonebriar Women.

Following our prior conversation—where we discussed helping our children to see the value of living for Christ and the intrinsic benefit to living differently than the world—we want to look at the relationships our kids build. Our purpose is to glorify Christ and to enter a relationship with Him. With that as a solid foundation, our next job is to serve others. Serving others allows us to build authentic and loving relationships with those around us. But we find that modern kids are unprepared, inexperienced, and untrained to build healthy relationships. There are many reasons our kids are in this situation. It might be the smart phone, social media world they were born into, or the general isolation of most families. Either way, we live in a world filled with barriers to authentic relationships. Much like training to be a medical doctor or Olympic athlete, we need to train our kids to build healthy relationships.

Join our conversation about raising our kids to love Christ and live for Him.

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