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“John Rosemond is the nation’s leading parenting expert and provides common-sense advice for raising your children. John is a nationally syndicated columnist, author and public speaker, (delivering over 200 presentations annually to parents, teachers and professional groups). His audiences are left feeling empowered, educated and entertained”—and he is coming to Stonebriar Community Church on Sunday, August 16 as part of our Straight Talk series.

Dr. Rosemond is a licensed family psychologist but belives “psychology has caused more problems than it has solved for American parents.” He is on a mission to shift the thinking in a way where parents will be changed, shaped, and equipped for the betterment of themselves and their children. If you have not yet registered for the upcoming Straight Talk Parenting with Love and Leadership, make certain to register here, as space is limited. In fact, our very own Dave Carl wants you to know, “unless you are getting dialysis on August 16 from 6:30–8 p.m., you would be nuts not to come hear Dr. Rosemond as he helps us be parents who lead well. I hope to see you there!”

To familiarize yourself with some of Dr. Rosemond’s material, I encourage you to visit Rosemond Columns where he speaks on a wide range of topics from anger to discipline, jealousy, drugs, and more. For a glimpse of his practical expertise, read the passage below. In his book, “Parenting By THE Book“, Rosemond says this about people with high self-esteem and low self-control:

“People with high self-esteem tend to have low self-control, especially when they aren’t getting their way. They don’t handle defeat or disappointment very well. Why? Because people with high self-esteem think they are entitled to always be the winner. Furthermore, they tend to lash out, verbally and often physically, at the people that blame for their defeats and disappointments. Baumeister finds that wife abusers have generally high self-esteem, as do child abusers, people known for frequent episodes of road rage, and inner-city gang members. Most stupefying, Baumeister discovered that hard-core criminals—people locked up in maximum-security prison—score higher on self-esteem assessments than any other group. That should send chills up and down your spine.”

Stonebriar Community Church is committed to partnering with you on your parenting journey, and offering these special Straight Talk sessions is one way we can help. We know parenting is not easy, and we know it looks different for all of us. But while the pages in our individual stories may not seem to have much in common with the next, we are all striving to learn, live, and lead by The Book—the Word of God. We want the church to be a place where parents do not simply walk in on Sunday mornings, drop off their children, and maintain a surface relationship. We want to know about your lives as parents, your hopes, your dreams, and your struggles. We want to champion you on, encourage you, and remind you that the Lord is faithful in all seasons and in all things. Regardless of whether you are on the peak or in the valley, God is sovereign, and He is working together a masterpiece—one we cannot even imagine! Please reach out and share with us so we can continue to encourage and equip you as you raise up the next generation. Remember: we are not perfect, but we love and serve the One and Only who is!

Joyfully His,


Gabbie Nolen

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