Preparing for Kindergarten

Prep For K

Is your preschooler ready for kindergarten, even if it is still a few years away? Will he or she be socially and emotionally ready for the school day? Is he or she academically and physically set to do his or her best? In this audio, Director of Preschool Pals Kelley Wilkinson shares the milestones children should reach at every preschool age. Kelley works closely with Frisco ISD, so you can be sure you will hear great ideas to ensure your little one starts kindergarten with his or her best foot forward.

Replay the audio below:

4 thoughts on “Preparing for Kindergarten

    1. Kelley Wilkinson replies: This depends on your family situation and the personality of the child. At Preschool Pals, in a two-day class, the core of the curriculum is taught and practiced. The third day offers new activities that help the child further practice what they learned during the first two days.

      1. Kelley Wilkinson shared a few ideas:
        *If you’re at the store and your child asks you to buy something, try saying “not today” instead of “no.”
        *If your child wants to play while you are busy, try telling them, “we will (read books) in five minutes if you wait patiently.”
        *Share the schedule with your child, like this, “First we will (list what you need done), then we can (list what child wants to be done).

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