Straight Talk at Stonebriar

Straight Talk ClassesHave you been attending the Straight Talk Classes at Stonebriar? If the answer is no, then the question is: why not? We are incredibly blessed as a church body to have knowledgeable people ministering to us in every area. Parenting is not for the faint of heart and it is not to be done alone. And trust me, you are not alone—even if it feels that way.

Straight Talk classes are meant to to provide answers to some of the tough parenting questions we all face. Topics range from: discipline to pornography, social media and technology, to substance abuse, addiction, and more. No subject is off limits, and we want you to join us as we strive to know and grow our families together.

This Sunday, May 17, we will hear from Owen Wildman on “The Dad Commandment” and the unique relationship between a father and his children. If you are unable to attend, take a moment and click HERE for details on the next topics we will address. Keep in mind that while a certain class may not seem like it applies to you today, you never know what tomorrow holds—so come, hear educated speakers and equip yourself to make wise choices no matter the season you find yourself in.

Parenting with you,


Gabbie Nolen

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