Straight Talk: Crisis of Faith

Straight Talk Crisis of Faith

A crisis is occurring in younger generations as children who grew up in churches turn away from their faith as adults. Kids may have the book knowledge required to navigate church today, but do they have the heart for Christ that will carry them through the challenges life will bring? Do you worry your own children or grandchildren are going through the motions but not really connecting with Christ in a personal way?

It is not enough just to bring your kids to church, pray at dinner, and try to lead a “godly” life. With all the social, political, and environmental influences in the world today, it is important to build a network of mentors and peers to lean in to our children’s lives. This network of mentors is made of friends, neighbors, and, most importantly, generations of families. Parents and grandparents are the biggest spiritual influences in children’s lives. But how can you help? How do you step into the lives of children who seem so different from you, whose world of technology seems to have passed you by? Fear of relevance is a real concern. As parents and grandparents, how do you open the door and invite mentors into your families and the lives of your children?

Guest speakers John Coulombe, Pastor of EvFree Fullerton, and Jean Hendricks will join us to share  personal stories and their passion for broadening spiritual influence in children’s lives. Whether you are a parent concerned about your child’s future faith, a parent wanting to bring a broader circle of influence into their lives, or a grandparent wondering where to start, this class is for you. We will look at the same question from multiple points of view and help you walk away with next steps.

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