Straight Talk: Good Kids or God Kids

For most parents, your goal is to raise Good Kids who are well behaved, respectful, polite, and self controlled. We use all means of discipline, encouragement, and even bribery to achieve this goal. But is that really the goal? Or, is our true challenge to raise children who passionately love Jesus and want to be well behaved, respectful, polite, and self controlled because it pleases God?

In this thought-provoking session hosted by Kristi McElheney, we will look at three very different approaches to parenting we can all identify with and talk about how we can move through them to encourage the growth of truly Godly children.

1. Pressures of Perfect Parenting
2. Problems of Pleaser Parenting
3. Pleasure of Prayerful Parenting

Kristi McElheney is the Pastoral Leader of Elementary Ministry at Stonebriar Community Church. Kristi’s passion is leading children to Christ and equipping parents to raise children who love and follow God. She is earning her master’s degree in Christian education at Dallas Theological Seminary. When Kristi is not busy planning the many activities at church, she enjoys picking up her guitar and leading worship. Kristi and her husband have two sons in college and a daughter in high school.

Kristi’s Recommended Resource List for this topic:
The Grace Awakening by Charles Swindoll
Spiritual Parenting by Michelle Anthony
Authentic Parenting in a Postmodern Culture by Mary E. DeMuth
Visionary Parenting by Rob Reinow
Shelter by Jimmy Holbrook
The Legacy Path by Brian Haynes

Replay the audio below:

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