Escaping the Grip of Pornography

Escaping the Grip of Pornography April 17

How can we as parents protect our kids? How can we break free of it ourselves, and how on earth do we live with someone who is struggling with an addiction to porn? Replay audio of the Sunday, April 17 Straight Talk event where discussion took place for this powerful subject from a biblical perspective. […]

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Dark Rooms

Most of the time when I am at home, I prefer to sit with only one or two lights on in the house. I chalk this up to a frugal dad who constantly reminded us kids that he wasn’t “paying to light the world.” Overly dramatic, yes. However, it apparently resonated into the recesses of my subconscious. […]

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Escaping the Grip of Pornography – 2014

Though rarely discussed in church or in Christian circles, the destructive tentacles of pornography reach into most families. Once in its grip, this monster is difficult to cut loose with just one’s own efforts . . . temptation is just too strong and sticky. In this audio, Pastor Dave Carl and Pastor Steve Fischer led […]

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