The Gift of Life

Like many of you, I am passionately and unapologetically pro-life. Lately, the subject of abortion has yet again been the focus of much media attention as new Planned Parenthood videos have surfaced showing even greater insight into what takes place within the minds of the doctors and patients. Without getting into politics, I want to focus on God’s power to save and redeem lives.

monitor-470511__180I recently read an article on Dr. Bernard Nathanson, a doctor who performed over 75,000 abortions, including one on his own child. Prior to ultrasound technology, Nathanson did not believe he was taking lives; he only saw the children as a mass of cells. After the ultrasound’s invention, everything about this science-driven man changed. A Jewish atheist, Nathanson was convinced, after seeing the images, that these were human beings. His initial conviction, however, had nothing to do with religious beliefs and everything to do with science. God brought much beauty from a place of ashes, and by the end of his life, Nathanson had put his faith in the Lord. He was drawn specifically to the Catholic church because of their vested interest in pro-life issues, and when he died, his obituary said “there is no one—no one—whose heart is so hard that he or she cannot be won over.”

This is powerful truth, my friends. There is no one who is so far from God that he or she cannot be saved. All of us were once lost and needy in our sins, but Jesus gave us the gift of life in Him. Often, the longer we are believers, the more we think with our heads and less with our hearts. Politics and issues like abortion can become a source of contention, friction, or complacency. When we speak to others, let us remember Dr. Nathanson’s story of redemption. Let us remember that we, and our children, are vessels dispensing the saving Truth of Christ and the God who creates nothing by chance. Jesus knows our hearts, and our hearts should be drawn to share His passionate, unending love with everyone we meet. During this season of life as parents, God has given us children to care for, love, and use as a beautiful witness to draw others to Him.

I am so grateful the Lord rescued me and that His mercies are new every morning! May all of us join together in prayer for our children and the unborn children whose lives are so very precious. None of us are accidents, and all of us are part of a story so grand our hearts can barely grasp the magnitude. Many women, men, and families are affected by past decisions—perhaps you are one of them. No matter your past, you have a unique opportunity to testify to the incredibly intricate way God creates life; He has unfathomable plans for redemption, restoration, and healing for those who seek Him. We should not overlook the big issues taking place around us that allow for big discussions about our great Savior.

Made in the Imago Dei,


Gabbie Nolen

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